Where Colorado Finds Its Heart

A natural oasis in the plains leading up to Colorado’s front range, Morgan County has always been a place for seekers. Arapahoe Indians in search of buffalo, cattlemen blazing the Texas-Montana Trail, Glenn Miller’s era-defining swing music all found something special here.

Sunsetting through winter trees across a pond.

A visit to Morgan County doesn’t ask too much – but has plenty to offer. Head out 75 miles from Denver and find yourself transported to a simpler time where small-town charm and wide-open spaces take the reins.

A favorite spot for outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs and travelers, Morgan County still bears a rich connection to our history, both natural and man-made.


The Overland Trail connects miners, pioneers, and freight companies to gold mines.


Glenn Miller forms his first swing band while a student at Fort Morgan High.


The Rainbow Arch Bridge opens, the only bridge of its kind in Colorado.


Oil is discovered, leading to a mini-boom and the founding of Log Lane Village.

Rustic sign in a park with old wagon wheels around it reads "Welcome to Jackson Lake State Park". Aerial shot of vintage cars parked on a quaint main street between shops and a tree-filled park. People are milling about. A man is riding a bowl at a rodeo while other men watch behind the gate. They are all wearing cowboy hats.