In the wake of the success of HGTV’s Season 1 of Home Town Takeover in Wetumpka, Alabama, the dynamic duo Erin and Ben Napier from Home Town, joined forces with Dave and Jenny Marrs of Fixer to Fabulous, setting their sights on the next small town in need of a makeover – Fort Morgan, Colorado. In Season 2, these couples teamed up to help restore the Colorado destination’s natural small-town charm.

The Vision

With a mission to instill town pride, the Marrs and the Napiers undertook a monumental task – completing 18 projects in a mere four months. Dave and Jenny focused on renovating six houses for community leaders and six businesses, while Erin and Ben took on six community projects. Notably, Main Street underwent a stunning makeover, with the help of Jonathan Knight and muralist Randolph Torres.

Main Street Resurgence

“Our goal is to bring back traffic to Main Street,” Erin emphasized. “We want people to see what’s special about where they are — you can really bloom where you’re planted if you look around and see what good soil you’re in.” Erin and Ben breathed new life into the facades of small businesses, and Ty Pennington from Rock the Block played a vital role in moving the Main Street renovations forward.

Community Gems Unveiled

Mosqueda Delicacies: The family-owned ice cream shop received a vibrant makeover, with local artist Socorro adorning the walls with hand-painted Mexican sunflowers. The addition of epoxy flooring and an LED-backlit waffle cone-inspired statement wall transformed the space.

Zazzy Cafe: Fort Morgan’s beloved coffee shop, Zazzy Cafe, underwent a whimsical remodel, featuring chic banquet seating, neon pink signage, and a trendy faux greenery ceiling to create a vibrant atmosphere.

Gold Crown Lanes: The town’s bowling alley, now Gold Crown Lanes, boasts a modern patio with retro flair, creating a beer garden concept with a sliding window connecting outdoor seating directly to the bar.

China Grove: Fort Morgan’s urban shopping destination, China Grove, received a boutique facelift with an airy color palette, floor-to-ceiling shelving, a railroad tie checkout counter, and a chic dressing room area.

Queen Lounge: A popular bar in Fort Morgan, Queen Lounge, transformed its adjacent event space with an elegant-yet-rustic vibe. A sliding barn door, private event bar, ample seating, and a stage for entertainment now grace the venue.

The Beaver Street Revitalization

Erin and Ben’s most ambitious community project was the Beaver Street Revitalization. Their vision was to create a large-scale space for residents to mingle. By convincing the town to permanently close off Beaver Street, they crafted an area featuring picnic tables, space for food trucks, and more. Staying true to Fort Morgan’s agricultural roots, Erin and Ben ingeniously repurposed miniature grain bins into pop-up shop spaces as part of the Beaver Street Revitalization.

Explore the transformed Fort Morgan, where the spirit of community, creativity, and renewal converge to create a town that celebrates its past while embracing a vibrant future. Your journey of discovery begins in Fort Morgan, Colorado – where every corner tells a story of resilience and revival.